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Make Better Bad Decisions

ON-TIME Mixers makes mixology so much easier and all-natural! With our 5 seriously delicious, award-winning flavors you can have the joy of a cocktail with a little less guilt and no hassle to prepare.


Once Upon AN ON-TIME

The idea for this line of cocktail mixers was incubated over 25 years of testing recipes with friends and family, and sometimes misbehaving with a little too much fun as well.

Over the years, we learned that the key to making the best cocktail mixers you’ve ever had means using our time-tested family recipes and only the best ingredients. Nothing fancy, just classic, good taste derived from making things the way that they should be! Just add some of your favorite liquor and you will create an amazing cocktail.



A tale from the Carolinas

We are a true family and friends tale. Our story begins while cooking ribs in North Carolina.

Founder Freddie Mills is mixing and measuring the perfect Bloody Mary, fully aware that the cause will be the cure. He delivered his luscious libation to his dad, who immediately tasted and proclaimed, “THIS STUFF IS ON-TIME!” With that stamp of approval, the name ON-TIME Mixers was born.



THE Difference

All the things you want in a mixer — none of that you don’t want. What you drink matters! The simply better combination of real and natural ingredients makes the difference of ON-TIME Mixers.


We believe the only things that really matter are quality and taste. At the end of the day, we want our products to help you easily create cocktails that will make you and your guests come back for a second or third. That’s why we’ve personally tasted our recipes all the way to perfection. If we wouldn’t want to drink it down every time, why would you?



Award Winners

We are proud to share our medal winning concoctions with everyone and anyone. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.